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A Forgotten Negro League Star: A Personal Look at Al Burrows

By Cheryl Holloway Robinson

It all started on a sandlot with a scrawny kid’s love for the sport and his ambition to play baseball with the big guys. It all ended with a missed opportunity to play major league baseball. WHY? Because it was the 1950’s and very few black ball players were allowed to cross the color line and join white ball players in major league organizations.


The book contains Negro League Facts, Trivia, in-depth interviews with Al Burrows, other Negro League baseball players, fans and friends. There is also a list of Surviving Negro League Players and Negro League Teams by State.

Title:  A Forgotten Negro League Star: A Personal Look At Al Burrows

Author: Cheryl Robinson                           

ISBN-10: 1591134668

ISBN-13: 978-1591134664

Price: $14.95Pages: 124 pages

Photos: 26 Black & White photographs

A few copies that are "Autographed by Al Burrows" are available from the Author!


About the Author: Cheryl Robinson is a well-known author and talk show host, who also presents workshops for beginning and advanced writers in a variety writing topics, such as Spiritual Journaling, Writing Devotionals, Writing Query and Pitch Letters and Basic Writing classes for beginners. Cheryl resides in southern Maryland. 

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