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Living Library Set As Authors Discuss Their Works

11 Wordsmiths to Present Latest Books in La Plata

Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2010

From imaginary tales to inspirational novels, the diversity of local literary expression soon will be on display.

Local authors will present their latest works at the fifth annual author reception Saturday at the La Plata library.

Instead of hosting individual author signings, the library will highlight 11 authors at the event — Vince Gisriel Jr., Angela Dion, Charles Hamilton Sr., Carolyn Mattocks, Noah Waters, Gerald Spence, James Mascia, Cheryl Robinson, Kimberly Aspelin and John and Roberta Wearmouth.

"Every author is very different and each has different reasons for writing," said Emily Ferren, director of the Charles County Public Library. "Some want to do it as a career. Some are writing fiction. Some are writing nonfiction. We are really running the whole gamut this year."

In "Hearts Away, Bombs Away," Gisriel shares his parents' love story during World War II.

Dion aims to help folks discuss race openly in her book, "Let's Talk About Race: A Workbook for Safe, Honest and Productive Group Discussions."

Hamilton tells the true story of a man who goes to New York with only a bus ticket and a few dollars in "A Step of Faith" to follow his dream.

Mattocks encourages teens to make their dreams become reality in her book, "I Can Do Anything."

Waters, a Prince George's County police officer and former school resource officer, plans to present his book, "Ten List for School Safety," which stems from a thesis written to promote a decrease in crime among youth. He said he feels if students were more aware of criminal law, they would make smarter choices.

He looks forward to the author's reception, he added. It "should be interesting. … I appreciate the opportunity."

Waters explored the reasons young people fight as part of his master's program with the University of Maryland Eastern Shore before deciding to make his thesis into a book.

In "The War: 361 Days, 12 Hours and 27 Minutes in Vietnam," Spence tells all about his days serving in the U.S. Army after being drafted and forced to leave his pregnant wife.

Westlake High School teacher Mascia will present his most recent book, "High School Heroes," which is due to be released in September.

He found out about the authors event through a writing group. "It sounded really cool," he said. "I love to share my stuff."

Mascia described his book as young adult fantasy fiction where "a girl discovers she can read minds on her first day of high school."

Robinson shares a personal story about baseball and life in "A Forgotten Negro League Star: A Personal Look at Al Burrows."

In "A Choice," Aspelin shares a near-death experience and the message she received while on the other side of the veil.

The Wearmouths reveal historical information on one- and two-room schools in Charles County in "Our Legacy: One- and Two-room Schools of Charles County."

Children in Le Voyage, an author's club for budding authors led by Ronda Goldman, also will share their writings. The authors will have 10 minutes to read an excerpt of their books and discuss why they picked their topics and how they became authors.

Afterward, there will be refreshments and guests will have the opportunity to mingle with the authors and purchase a copy of the books.

Ferren said most authors featured came to her, but that it's a two-way street. "They have a new book and they want some publicity," she said. "… If we see an article in the paper, we contact the author or the publisher. We want to make sure that they are highlighted and the people get to know who they are."

A copy of each author's book will be available at the P.D. Brown Memorial Branch in Waldorf and can be reserved or requested at the other branches in Charles County.

If you go

Eleven local authors will present their latest works at an author reception from 10 a.m. to noon Aug.14 at the La Plata library, 2 Garrett Avenue, La Plata. Call 301-934-9001.

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